What is a Captive Portal?  
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Rich Features of our Captive Portal

Customize to your liking

With a designated backend, you can control almost every aspect of your captive portal. You can add your Social Media links, website, coupon info, images, custom background image and business logo.

Showcase your Business

Share your specials, deals and simply anything you'd like your WiFi users to see as they land on your Hotspot. Add up to 8 images of your choosing. These images can be configured with 4 for the landing page and 4 for the connected welcome page.

Within a Captive Portal Environment, you have the distinct opportunity to "Capture" your user's interest within just about 2 minutes of undivided attention. This will be your chance to share your most important messages.

Collect valuable data

Collect valuable contact numbers and email addresses that you can use for future promotions. Data can be downloaded from the console that is already configured to be imported into campaign managers like MailChimp. With this feature you get valuable information in exchange for sharing your WiFi.